Pigeon Hater

23 February 2014

You know, that pose that you just HATE

I love practicing yoga. I really like settling into asanas (poses) and focusing on proper alignment and breath. I typically come to the mat with an open attitude, and I especially enjoy practicing yoga at Sangha Space where I have the opportunity to take classes with a variety of awesome teachers. But lately I’ve been having a block against a certain pose.

It never fails, when an instructor cues pigeon pose, my heart just sinks.

So instead of settling into the pose and focusing on my breath, I fidget. A lot…

I try to move my front leg to a better position.

I try readjusting my back leg.

I make sure my hips are aligned properly. I do that again.

I try a different arm placement in the fold. I come up to my elbows.

Then I move around some more.

Then I get lazy and lean into my one side to make the stretch easier – usually to be moved back to alignment by my instructor.

And after all that, I’m finally forced to just lay there in the pose. I’m forced to JUST BE. And as that happens, the emotions pop up – many things I don’t want to deal with. I can’t always hold pigeon for the entire time because of those series of thoughts and emotions that come up.

Some days, I just don’t have the courage to deal with all that turmoil. But on the days I can, I focus on “just being” and that makes those moments easier. I need to remember that it is all right to feel those emotions and to let them go as soon as I recognize them. So as much as I dislike it, my path to self-awareness includes many travels to pigeon pose.

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