Frequently Asked Questions for Tango

Do I need a partner?

Nope. Come as you are. All are welcome. And we already love you.

Who will I dance with?

Everyone! You will change partners and roles for every exercise. Your partner may be a girl or a boy, shorter or taller, younger or older, but they will always be the perfect partner in that moment!

What will I learn?

You will learn to lead and follow the amazing dance we call Tango! There are lots of components to the dance… including physical stuff like balance and connection as well as social dance etiquette as well as musicality and so on…

Why do the start dates include dates in another series?

Well, new students can join the 8 week series every 4 weeks. This means that with the exception of the beginning of the year, there are always people in the class that are at least 4 weeks older than you. Add to that the fact that classes are full of Tango Guides and graduates… and it is like having a 2 to 1 teacher ratio!

What should I wear?

Wear anything that makes you want to dance… make sure it is also comfortable.

What about perfume and cologne?

Please keep it to a minimum. Everyone loves dancing with a good, clean smelling partner, but no suffocating levels of smell, please 😉

Do I need dance shoes?

Shoes are kind of a big deal in dance. Street shoes can damage a dance floor… as they are a repository for stones and other debris that can mar a nice wooden floor. And certain soles can leave a rubbery residue, making the floor dirty and sticky. BUT please don’t rush out and purchase expensive shoes. Discount shoe retailers will typically have something inexpensive to help you get started. And you may already have a pair of shoes, once cleaned, that can be dedicated to tango. Make sure whatever you choose to wear allows you to “do the twist” in your kitchen… a heavy rubber sole will prevent you from pivoting, which you will need to do in class. You don’t want your shoes to hold you back! So, bring an old pair of socks to pull on top of your shoes, and you have instant dance shoes!

How about Flip Flops?

Please, please, please, for the love of tango, don’t wear flip flops or any other open backed shoes to dance in. When you walk backwards, you will walk right out of them!

What is the difference between Argentine Tango and American/Ballroom Tango?

This is a great question. Please note in advance that we are completely biased, really, we won’t try to hide it. We dance Argentine Tango, so that is what we love… Argentine Tango was the first tango… born in Buenos Aires as an improvisational expression of connection attempting to communicate grief, longing and hope. It is a street dance, it is a language that is not done being written, it is living metaphor of life (told you we were biased, right?). American/Ballroom tango is loosely based on Argentine Tango, but has much more scripted movements that do not stress connection, but stress instead choreography and struggle.

What’s the difference between taking classes and social dancing?

Well, sometimes we work on dancing (in classes) and then we like to just dance (not working, just having fun!). We recommend at least once class and one social dance experience per week.

Why can’t I dance with the same partner all class?

We believe in the power of community. We believe that dance is one of the most powerful ways to create community. Beautiful things come out of being part of something larger than ourselves. The only way to get to know your classmates is to dance with them. Trust us, it is worth it. Huge dividends for a small investment.

Do I have to dance with someone the same gender as me?

Most likely. We are not gender biased. Girls do not have cooties, neither do boys! And it is just one of the ways we get to know other people, by dancing with EVERYONE. And it is super fun. ps, wait until you learn more about the history of the dance, it will blow you away who danced with who!