Tango Internships

Sangha Space Tango Internship 2016-2017

Karen3In Return for your time and effort: We offer you FREE tango learning from in house instructors as well as amazing visiting instructors and Grow-Yoga classes at Sangha Space to keep you limber for tango. Any paper work that will allow you to get credit for any work you do for us for your university/college (if applicable), the opportunity for a kick-ass recommendation letter, resume booster and becoming part of a wonderful community. To apply, send an email to Lori at info@sanghaspace.com to receive the application and to schedule an interview.

Our Goal: Sangha Space Tango’s goal in hosting interns is to create a mutually beneficial relationship that fosters the growth of our local community (and beyond), personal enrichment, love for movement, empathy for others, business acuity, interpersonal skills, planning and organization, and connections that will live a lifetime.

General Responsibilities:

  • Dance/Learn Tango: Interns are required to take part in Sangha Space Tango’s curriculum and to be present for classes each Wednesday and Thursday, as participant or as observer (as curriculum dictates) and for special guests workshops when applicable.
  • Take at least one yoga class per week.
  • We ask for a minimum 20 week commitment.
  • Tango Hop: Be at this monthly event and DANCE and meet and greet, help with set up and break down, take a shift at the desk and at the food table and kitchen, etc.
  • Guest Instructors: Plan to attend classes taught by visiting instructors!
  • Submit a monthly blog and feedback form. See our ongoing current blog HERE for an example.
  • Cycle through our Required Reading list (bel0w).
  • Complete a weekly observation.
  • Sign up for front desk shifts to check students into classes.
  • Flyer Media’s State Street and other media outlets with our postcards and posters.
  • Keep it Clean! The studio is super dusty and over 200 people come to the space each week. You will be responsible for a small, weekly cleaning task on rotation.
  • Be a Resource: Greet people: you are now one of the faces of Sangha Space Tango. LIKE everyone. Say hello, introduce yourself if necessary and introduce new people to two others before you let them on their own. And use others as resources! We have many talented, interesting people in the community that you may benefit from knowing!
  • Create Buzz: Social Media support.
  • Brainstorm: your experience(s) will help Sangha Space Tango grow and become more efficient, etc. If you have an idea, share it!
  • Weekly Staff Meetings, Wednesdays at 5pm.
  • Communication: be sure to contact Lori when it comes to any questions or concerns.


  • Wednesdays 5pm-10:15pm.
  • Thursdays 6pm-10pm.

Written Work:

  • It is all done via Dropbox. Blogs are due once a month on 4th Sundays.

Special Projects (This applies to students looking for Academic Credits for the Internship).

  • We have many special projects focuses on different aspects of Argentine Tango that we hope to research and learn more about. Each intern will be given a special project(s) to focus on that may require data collection, experiential/action research, academic research and perhaps more. We have many in-house resources to support interns on this journey, however, the ability to work independently and create a final project is imperative. (This applies to students looking for Academic Credits for the Internship).


  • Interns are required to be on time, dress appropriately, be prepared and be ready to interact positively with many people.
  • All curriculum requirements also apply to interns.
  • Two strikes and you are out. This means be ON TIME and do not miss a class/meeting/assignment unless you have made advanced plans to do so.
Bach, Richard/llusions
Campbell, Joseph/ The Power of Myth (selections)
Lorr, Benjamin/Hell-Bent
Palmer, Parker J. /The Courage to Teach
Scarr, Graaham/Biotensegrity: The Structural Basis of Life
Schoop, Trudi/Won't you Join the Dance?
Singleton, Mark/Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice
Solomon, Andrew/FarFrom the Tree (first chapter)
Toumanova, Veronica/Why Tango?
Van Der Kolk, Bessel (MD)/The Body Keeps the Score (selected chapters)