Thursday Practica

THURSDAY TANGO CLINIC with guest instructors

Thursdays are like Friday every week! And we mean it!
Join us each Thursday for a night that includes: MUSIC, DANCING, FOOD, FRIENDS and fabulous instructors to nurture your dancing, answer your questions and be your cheerleaders all at the same time. And don’t forget that Little Debbie almost always brings some sweet homemade goodness served with love.
Our goal, above all else, is to create a safe, warm and fun environment for our local tango community. And to have FUN. After all that WORK on dancing in class, it is time to practice and DANCE! Questions? Here are some tango FAQs.

Instructor Schedule

Thursday clinics are 7:30pm to 8:30pm and are followed by Practica and Tango Tutoring Time- Learn more about our staff HERE. Please be on time ;)

Ms. Kristina McFadden
Mr. Howard Schwarz and Ms. Rita Berenshteyn
Mr. Geoff Dominessy
Mrs. Meghaan Carter
Ms. Lori Coyle


Purchase Options

All Tango Clinics are Drop-in-Able at $20. Practica is $10. Purchase a class card to make drop-ins only $15.

Discounted classes with the purchase of a class card:

  • 8 classes for $120- Class cards EXPIRE 3 months after purchase
  • 8 classes for $96 for full time student/senior-Class cards EXPIRE 3 months after purchase

Purchase class here!