WCS Internship (FREE Dancing!)

Sangha Space West Coast Swing Internship 2016 with Rob and Sheila West Coast Swing

Come work and dance with us! Contact robandsheila@sanghaspace.com to apply!

In Return:  We offer you FREE WCS learning from in house instructors as well as amazing visiting instructors. Any paper work that will allow you to get credit for any work you do for us for your university/college (if applicable), the opportunity for an over the top recommendation letter, resume booster and the opportunity to become part of and enjoy a wonderful dance community.

OUR responsibilities: Rob and Sheila’s WCS goals in hosting interns is to create a mutually beneficial relationship that encourages the growth of our local community, personal enrichment, love for movement and music, empathy for others, business skills, interpersonal skills, planning and organization and connections that will last a lifetime.


YOUR responsibilities:

Dance/learn WCS. Interns are required to take part in Rob and Sheila’s WCS program’s curriculum and to be present for Tuesday classes as well as our monthly BRIDGE workshops. We ask for a minimum of a 20 week commitment, though our interns usually don’t want to leave ;)

The Swing Loft, our monthly WCS dance. Be at this monthly event and DANCE, mix and mingle with the community, help with set up and break down, provide door coverage as needed and help with keeping the food tables stocked and kitchen clean. Help with break down after the dance.

Be at the monthly Bridge workshop and practice and dance with our guests. Meet and greet everyone.

Plan to attend special classes/workshops taught by visiting instructors.

  • Submit weekly journal or blog of your experiences (1 to 2 paragraphs).
  • Submit bi-weekly student observation forms.
  • Cover shift at check in desk for our Tuesday night WCS for Life classes
  • Help keep studio clean as needed. A small weekly cleaning task will be assigned to you on a rotation basis on Tuesday evenings.
  • Be a Resource:  Greet people, mix and mingle as one of the faces of Sangha Space/Rob and Sheila’s WCS program. Say hello, introduce yourself and introduce newcomers to others.
  • Help promote our WCS community.
  • Media support. Maintain a FaceBook page for the Sangha Space WCS community.
  • Monthly Meetings. Meet with Sheila to discuss many things, including, classes, WCS lessons and technique, special projects, regular assignments and your journal/blog entries.
  • Communication. Maintain open lines of communication with all staff and community members.
  • Share ideas with us!



Tuesdays:  7:15 cleaning and greeting. Classes 7:30-9:30 WCS classes. 9:30-11:30 mix and mingle with community, includes help with check in for WCS for Life lessons and clean up.


Written work:

All journals/blog entries and Class observation forms due the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.

Special Projects (Applies to students looking for Academic Credits for the Internship.)

We have special projects that focus on various aspects of West Coast Swing that we hope to learn and research more about. Each intern will be given a special project(s) to focus on that may require data collection, experiential/action research, academic research and perhaps more. We have in house resources for support on these projects, however, the ability to work independently and creat a final project is imperative. (This applies to students looking for Academic Credits for internship.)


Code of Conduct:

  • Interns are required to be on time, dress appropriately, be prepared and ready to interact positively with many people.
  • All curriculum requirements also apply to interns.
  • Prior planning required for any class/meeting/assignment that you MUST miss.
  • More than two absences or late arrivals can result in dismissal.