Grow-Yoga-GROW-FIT Class Combinations

Our GROW-FIT program offers you the flexibility of scheduling your CARDIO, RESISTANCE and FLEXIBILITY training as well as CALMING classes to manage stress so we can all yoga on. We recommend one of each kind of class each week to cover all of your fitness needs.

GROW-FIT offers a classes that can fulfill your fitness goals through group movement practices with educated and experienced instructors. Choose your workout combinations to get your recommended minimum of THREE hours of practice each week.

Drop-in $15



Wednesdays6:00 PM Grow-PowerLeann Cotton
Tuesdays6:00 PM Grow-FlowChris Welc
Thursdays5:30 PM Grow-Flow
6:30pm Grow-Power
Jaime and/or Synthia Wilkinson
Sundays10:00 AM Grow-CalmLeann Cotton
Saturdays9:00 AM Grow-Flow
10:00 AM Grow-Calm
Chris Welc
Mondays5:30 PM Grow-Strong
6:30pm Grow-Flow
Jaime and/or Synthia Wilkinson
    Grow-Yoga-GROW-FIT offers:

  • GROW-POWER: power flow for a cardio focus for heart health and endurance
  • GROW-CALM: gentle flow for relaxation, mediation and an antidote to modern stresses
  • GROW-STRONG: an isometrically centered work out for resistance and strength with barre, balance, core
  • GROW-FLOW: focusing on flexibility, lengthening and stretching