Frequently Asked Questions for YOGA

Do I need a mat?

You do not need to bring your own mat, we have one for you to borrow. Most people prefer to practice on their own mat… it is a kind of personal attachment to the material world… just kidding… it is nice to have a familiar friend to practice with and our mat can become that connection to a daily routine.

What’s a yoga prop?

We tend to like accessories in life. Accessorizing your yoga practice can come in many forms including clothing and tattoos (we have temporary ones in case you aren’t ready for that kind of commitment, and we often have Sangha Space t-shirts for sale)… but we also have blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters to prop you up in your yoga classes. These things can pad our knees, make our arms longer and do other magic tricks to make an asana feel more stable and let us deepen our practice.

What is a yoga practice?

The love of life leads us to understand the unpredictability of our daily experiences and the fruitlessness of subscribing to perfection. Heavy stuff, right? Well, the goal of a yoga practice is that each time we come to a class, we are practicing yoga, really… we aren’t trying to perfect yoga or do perfect yoga… The goal is to honor where we are on that day and be in the moment and move… experience our physical self positively and enjoy what we learn. Practice does not make perfect, practice brings joy.

What if I am a total beginner?

We will welcome you with open arms and we will celebrate your courage to get on the mat. Just let your teacher know if you have any concerns or questions and remember that nothing about a yoga class is a competition and you are not supposed to know how to do it before you start the class.

How often should I come to class?

Well, we are biased on this one. We would love to see you everyday… yogis like hanging out together and seeing familiar faces is a supportive part of any practice. However, we also realize that other priorities may out prioritize taking care of ourselves from time to time… with the complexities of modern life taken into consideration… we recommend at least twice a week to deepen your practice.

What if I have an injury or other health concern?

Yoga will help heal you if you let it. On the practical side, tell your teacher before class starts. Modify poses as necessary to avoid causing further injury, your teachers will guide you in this. Know your limits and trust your instincts. We also recommend paying attention to the difference between discomfort and pain. (We have books on this in our studio library.) From personal experience with injuries, many of our yogis have come to appreciate that healing can be uncomfortable, but avoiding discomfort can hold us back from healing. Be true to yourself and ask for guidance.