Private Lesson Life Lesson

I had a private lesson this last week that really changed my tango experience. I learned something that is making every embrace and every dance better and more meaningful.
The instructor said, “Don’t spend a dance simply going through your laundry list of tango steps and vocabulary. Your follower isn’t impressed by that. Women, as followers specifically, are not impressed with the fancy cars, the new and flashy technology, or the loads of money (ok….maybe they make our eyes bug for a hot second but really we’re not all that impressed). All we want is to feel super comfortable, taken care of, and safe.”
Taking time to find someone in an embrace and taking the time to connect with them in every movement…even if you are just walking…will make that person feel like they just had a magnificent dance! Simply because they were comfortable,  connected, taken care of, and safe.


  • Michelle

    • Aug 23, 2012

    I find this to be so true and was just telling this to a man friend and fellow tanguero who was saying that he makes tango “mistakes” when he’s tired. I said “You don’t need a lot of fancy moves. You can just keep it simple and move together to the music, and that can be really enjoyable together.” Sometimes that’s my favorite time because it’s relaxed, connected and stress free.

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