PuddleCat. The Little Guru.

Animals are better at being intuitive than we are, or so it has been said for a very long time. We have all heard someone say “I don’t trust anyone my dog doesn’t.” I find that there is so much more to learn from our animal companions than just intuition…

My favorite thing about watching my cat is how to be in the moment. She has zero attachments to anything that is not present in front of her. She only cares about food when she’s hungry, if she wants to play, anything can be a toy and when she’s tired, what do you know, she goes to sleep. As humans, there are obvious reasons we cannot follow this template exactly but it definitely can give some perspective to self-care.

She is true to her own emotions. So, again as people in a society there are big limitations as to expression of our emotions but observing PuddleCat in her day-to-day “feels” there is no denial in her. When she sees the neighbor’s dog there is a genuine fear and she has no problem expressing by giving the dog a swift paw to the face. If it is time that she wants some love, PuddleCat will get in your face and make sure she can love on you and that you are more than willing to return it, especially if you are stranded on the toilet.

Finally, she is just a true Yogini. Everyday I see her in asanas all throughout the day. She has such a diligent practice that it is something to admire. Her flexibility can only be attributed to her discipline and that fact that she’s a cat.

Animals are great yogis and have many lessons to teach us. Even if it’s “wake everyone up at 3am because I need my bowl filled with biscuits.”


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