Purple. Why?

Purple is the combination of red and blue, fire and water. Blue is calming, red is energizing. It could be a balancing act of the color wheel. It also happens to be the color of many yoga mats, blocks, and straps. Is this a coincidence?

It is a symbol of mystery, magic, and royalty. Of the colors on the spectrum of visible light, it vibrates at the highest frequency.

Purple is also the representational color for the crown chakra, linking the individual mind to universal consciousness. Wearing purple is said to expand the imagination, fantasy, and sharpen psychic awareness.

An old friend told me once that purple encouraged community. It is used in countless formal ceremonies of religion and government, in many different countries. Does it feel natural to draw close to one wearing purple? Does it attract others? Perhaps it vibrates at such a frequency that our crown chakras are drawn by some magnetic force that is both mystic and inspiring?

Leonardo Da Vinci highly recommended meditating under a violet light, such as that which passed through purple stained glass. He supposed that the strength of meditation increased ten-fold.[1]

What does this mean for us? For me, it means that I will look at my purple yoga blocks and automatically be reminded of my crown chakra. I will probably tune in to my mind and its connection to the infinite. If I put on a purple shirt one day, I might try some creative activities for fun. Who knows what will happen? I might unlock my super powers lurking beneath the surface of my skull.

Next time I watch Prince singing Purple Rain, I might think twice about doubting the mystical forces of violet light.

When you borrow a purple mat and roll it out, pay close attention to any tingling or magical occurrences that follow. It might turn you into a wizard, or give you a deeper meditation in savasana. You might float away on a cloud of peaceful awareness, becoming one with everything and dissolving into pure white light. The possibilities are infinite!

[1] Crystal-Cure: Purple

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