Rafael and Susanne.


These instructors are truly unique. As people, dancers, and teachers….they are a gift. They both bring a humor and joy to the dance that is contagious. They make me want to travel to Germany!

The main thing that you will take away from any time that you spend with them is moving naturally. Any movement that is not natural is stressful to the body. For me, my ochos got a complete makeover. I was doing ochos without using my whole foot. I would slide and pivot with only the ball of my foot. And my feet really got exhausted! It shouldn’t have been a wonder to me…because I don’t walk around everyday only using the balls of my feet. I actually roll through the step starting with my heel. If tango is a walking dance, why should my steps be different than walking on the street?

… officially Rafael and Susanne groupies and following them to NYC 🙂

–one excited little tango girl

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