Reflections from the article: “How Exercise Can Help You Master New Skills”

“Can you improve your body’s ability to remember by making it move?”

To many of us, it comes as no surprise that physical exercise to boost memory is as delicious as an overflowing bowl of froyo.

No? Just me then? Ok, that’s cool….the point is that physical exercise is really, really good for us. Especially for our memory. You can find so many studies just by typing a few key words into Google that support the fact that exercise improves, strengthens, and triggers memory. It helps memories graduate from the training wheels of short-term storage to the committed, concrete, do-without-thinking feelings of long-term storage.

An article I read recently made this point:

 “The term “muscle memory” is, of course, something of a misnomer. Muscles don’t make or store memories. They respond to signals from the brain, where the actual memories of any particular movement are formed and filed away…..Physical activity makes the memory stronger.”

This is one big reason why dancing tango can be so powerful. Want to create a great memory bank? Tango a lot.

I like that solution, anyway 🙂

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