Happy 2016! Did you make a resolution this year? What do you think your chances of success are? I’m willing to bet that you did – and if you did you are not saying 100% for the second question.

Why do we get so stressed out about New Year’s Resolutions? Why do we think that just because a year has ended, we can suddenly morph into the smartest, most successful, skinniest, hardest working versions of ourselves? Why do we put pressure on ourselves to achieve that?

That pressure that we put on ourselves, and then the stress of that pressure make us even more likely to accomplish our crazy goals. In addition, most of our goals involve either doing something we hate or stopping something we love – that totally sucks! People don’t change that quickly. We picked up our bad habits for a reason, over a long period of time. That can’t be all undone with one boozy New Year’s Eve toast and hopeful attitude.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to be better people, or stop doing things that are bad for us, or try to do things that are good for us. I’m just saying that the formula – deciding that we need to be perfect versions of ourselves which includes getting rid of all our bad habits and suddenly adopting new good habits and putting a ton of pressure on ourselves to do so and then stressing about it because it’s pretty impossible and then feeling terribly shameful when we fail – isn’t exactly a recipe for success.

So, maybe this year, take your own happiness into consideration. Think about things you enjoy, but never took the time to do. Think about something that you might look forward to, even if it isn’t entirely practical. Think about something you’ve been meaning to try, but everything in your busy life got in the way of. Make yourself a priority this year. This might sound selfish, but it truly isn’t. We all need happiness. And when we have it, we find that we have more to give to others.


I challenge you this year to resolve to do something for yourself. I’m willing to bet that if you do, you will also raise your chances of success with your other resolutions. After all, we wish for a HAPPY New Year, not a Stressed Out, Obligatory, No-Fun one. Enjoy 2016! Cheers!

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