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Two weeks ago (left) and today (right)!

Two weeks ago! Today!





Blog Author: Gabi!

Did you know that Sangha Space has a community garden plot at Rose Tree Park? You may have seen bags of delicious bounty on the counter of the studio kitchen. These are vegetables for the community to enjoy, you may have even tasted them sliced on a plate alongside a yummy dip. They were grown with love and care by Michael Gottfried and Chris Welc. They will need lots of help planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting this year’s bounty, so if you are interested in helping out now is a great time to set that up! You can email them at the following addresses:


Just in case you were wondering what Chris and Michael have whipped up for this year’s vegetable adventures, I thought I’d give sneak peek of what’s growing!

Beets and carrots are going straight into the ground, soon followed by the beans and corn, but we have many seedlings already in our greenhouse. Butterhead lettuce, named Mirlo, is growing in abundance, as are radicchio and Bilko cabbage. These will be ready to plant very soon.

Bell peppers, and the most delicious cherry tomatoes I have ever met, Sun Golds, will soon be worshiping the sun and summer’s heat. There will be Dunja summer squash and Northern pickling cucumbers to tendril across the rows of the Sangha Space plot. They are going to be planted when things get really warm around here.

Now that your mouth is watering, make it a point to be at the studio as much as possible this season, not only for the dancing, yoga, and friends, but for the love of delicious vegetables, grown by our community.

Daniel and Chris with some of last season's bounty, prepped to be served at tango practica!
Daniel and Chris with some of last season’s bounty, prepped to be served at tango practica!

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