September Starts and Changes

September has been such a crazy month for me.  Crazy, yet awesome.  I feel that I have had no down time, but that is typically quite alright with me.  I have a new job, with new responsibilities and a new school where this new job is housed.  Though fall is not typically seen as a time for new beginnings and opportunities, as a teacher that is exactly what fall means to me.

As well as all of the excited changes in my life, I am still holding onto the last strings of summer on the weekends and trying to soak up the nice weather for as long as possible.  With all of this movement I have been experiencing in my life, it is so nice to have a designated time to focus and reflect on myself.  Though I constantly have thoughts and to-do lists pop in my head during my yoga practice, I love being able to push these aside, even for an hour, to focus on myself and my intentions for my practice.

My intentions this month focus on me.  It is not often that I think about myself, my feelings, and reflect on the goings on in my life.  Therefore, I give my time on the mat to myself to do this, as well as to celebrate my little accomplishments.  One accomplishment that I have had this month is to become more comfortable with inversions.  Another is my work on breathing into my back.  Though both are still a challenge for me, I have found tiny successes this month while practicing these things. I attribute this to allowing myself to push my pressures aside and really focus on the here and now in yoga.

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