Seven big changes to facilitate movement, with seven baby steps so I won’t get intimidated.

This list is inspired by biomechanist Katy Bowman, of Nutritious Movement. Though many of these things aren’t immediately attainable, I will be keeping them on the backburner and make small shifts in this direction.

  1. Give away all my furniture! Craiglist everything for free, donate it to the Media Free Store, just get it out! No more sitting for me! Chop the legs off of tables to suit someone sitting on the floor. The first baby step in this direction is to boycott the preexisting furniture in my house, and set up a standing desk for myself.
  2. Find some colorful, comfortable cushions, bolsters, and logs to sit on instead. Sitting on the floor is a dynamic situation, always moving, stretching in ways more suited to the health of my body. Right now I have exactly one cushion, and I can put that near a low table.
  3. Overhaul my bed. The goal is to not give your body an “orthotic” to sleep on, to facilitate different stretches while you sleep. No more pillows. No more mattress! No more frame, except for a very low platform for air flow. Just a 3″ mattress topper made of natural fibers, some warm blankets, and me. For now I am narrowing my pillow selection and seeing where that takes me.
  4. Put a timer on the internet router. This isn’t exactly movement related, but I found it intriguing. Apparently internet waves disturb sleep! Putting a timer on the power source for the router not only makes sure you don’t stay up all night watching 90’s science fiction series, but it will also allow you to sleep more deeply! This is a tough one, because I have housemates who love late night internet use, but it sounds like a good plan for the future.
  5. Walking daily. This one is pretty self-explanatory. When Katy Bowman needs to drive somewhere, she likes to park away from her destination and walk the difference.
  6. Give my feet some texture! Katy Bowman has river rocks in place of a foyer rug. She recommends wearing minimal shoes so that as you traverse uneven surfaces, all 43 joints of your foot get to move. Walking outside barefoot would be a good start, but I might have to wait until spring.
  7. Play all day. Scatter hoola hoops, soccer balls, jungle gyms, ladders, and other fun toys across my landscape so that as I’m walking around my backyard wondering what to do with myself, there will be no shortage of ways to move my body in fun ways. An easy change to make is to set up a space with a yoga mat, where I will see it every day.

Do any of these changes inspire you? Check out more of Katy Bowman’s movement-inspired lifestyle choices on her blog!



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