Slap Happy and Learning

On Sunday, Sangha Space held two workshops taught by wonderfully funny and great guest teachers. Of course, we may have all been just a little slap happy from running on very little sleep due to the Hop being the night before. Nevertheless, the workshops were so much fun and we all laughed until we left!

One of the workshops was on boleos. You know, they’re those really cool leg flinging kicks that sometimes look like a body is defying nature by bending in a way that seems impossible? Yeah. Those.


think I got this right once.  Which could have made the 2 hours of the workshop very frustrating. Actually, at one point it was. The instructors were demonstrating and the follow did about 5 boleos in a row. In my head, I said, “Ok, now you’re just showing off. Make my body do that!” The frustration didn’t last longer than that thought because the fact of the matter is that boleos look really cool and the feeling of accomplishment is worth the wait! The one time I got it, one of the instructors happened to be watching and said, “That’s it! That’s exactly it! Great job!”

Praise makes me feel good. Hearing that I was doing well, that I did a boleo right was encouraging and refreshing. I forget about this sometimes and it takes instances like this to remind me to praise other individual’s hard work as well. Even if they’re not getting it exactly right, I can still say to them, “I can tell you’ve been working hard on this. You’ve improved. Keep practicing. You don’t have to be discouraged!”

A little positive affirmation goes a long way 🙂

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