Something to be curious about as you move through this week.

I like to begin my yoga practice by sitting and reflecting on something meaningful that I was made aware of that day. Then, I choose to try to relax and soften all the parts of my body that hold tension. Which … usually takes all my focus just to relieve tension around my eyes. I want to be able to inhale and breathe all this goodness and tranquility and rest into this one spot. Whether I start breathing into my face or not, this tension is always around my eyes. I don’t know what that means. But it’s the same every time.

The mere act of closing one’s eyes and allowing any feeling to be noticed through kinesthetic awareness is sometimes called “authentic movement.” It is discovering movement in depth, or allowing an active imagination in movement.

As I was sitting with my eyes closed this week in an authentic movement exercise, I completely lost track of time. I thought for sure that my designated 3 minutes were not at a close … [however] when I opened my eyes, I realized that it had actually been 10 minutes. I laughed – I was so surprised by this! But I was more intrigued by what I discovered in the movements provoked by feelings.

I found that I wanted to hold something, to repeat a motion that was soothing, and also to sigh and let a few tears fall. Those were all things that simply felt right in that moment. Not hidden. Just trusted and allowed.

As I left that space that morning, I drove to work and thought about how often we, as tango dancers, practice this authentic movement? When we breathe and relax into an embrace, without letting our expectations or anticipations rule our movement, what do we discover? Could it be that we have a desire to laugh? Or an impulse to hold on tighter? Or perhaps to let a few tears fall? What is our heart over-flowing with? Something to be curious about as you move through this week.

“Movement, to be experienced, has to be “found” in the body, not put on like a dress or a coat. There is that in us which has moved from the very beginning. It is that which can liberate us.”    – Mary Whitehouse, Founder of Authentic Movement

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