Sometimes …..

Sadness makes life a bit funny.

Sometimes, we busy ourselves and are super productive. And then, we don’t have to deal with the sadness until the few still moments we have as we are falling asleep. So that’s great.

Sometimes, we choose to not move. And then, we relax our bodies’ right into the couch with some ice cream, comfort food and that TV series that has all 5 seasons on Hulu for free. So our evening just got booked. So that’s great.

Sometimes, we say ‘yes’ when we probably should say ‘no’, but that ‘yes’ means we will feel good for a few hours. ‘Yes’ to that extra cup of coffee that’s not really needed, ‘yes’ to that date who is cute but probably not in it for the right reasons, ‘yes’ to taking off work even though bills need to be paid next week. So that’s good.

Sometimes, we even say, “Great! How are you?”, when someone asks about us. Because we aredoing/feeling great, except for that little bit of sadness/heartache/trouble. So that’s ok.



I think Sadness is a lonely thing. But it doesn’t have to be when Honesty comes to call. Honesty gives Sadness just a little nudge or a friendly bump to say, “Hey, I’m here. Don’t worry.”

So then, sometimes, when we’re so busy and we finally crawl into bed after annihilating our to-do list, Honesty whispers to Sadness. And Sadness feels that it’s finally ok to release a little bit of what Heart is overflowing with.

Sometimes, when we choose not to move, Honesty sits there with Sadness and hints, “It’s ok to move. Really!” And then we listen and go for a walk, a run, a dance.

Sometimes, Honesty drops Sadness a message just to say, “It’s totally normal to say ‘no’ right now. You’ll feel better later. Trust me.”

And then, sometimes, Honesty is just brutal and bold, and when we are asked how we are….Honesty gets to answer before Sadness. Cause Honesty is a quick little bugger. And then Sadness and Honesty get to work together. In harmony. And we find that it is ok to not be ok right now. We are not all alone, and we have a support network that understands what Sadness and Honesty feel like. And Honesty tends to gravitate toward people and one’s sense of self. I think Honesty is good for Sadness.

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