Sthira and Suhka, Effort and Ease

I am an impulsive person. Mostly because I have learned that if I think about things for too long, I get afraid and then talk myself out of doing them.

Where this impulsiveness is really beneficial:

  • Asking for directions.
  • Asking for help.
  • Trying something new (food, hobby, physical exercise, and whatnot).
  • Asking someone new to dance.
  • Keeping life vibrant and full of things to do.

This week, however, I have been working on slowing down. If you have ever taken a yoga class, you know the importance of settling into a pose rather than quickly rushing into it. When we do things slowly, we are able to do that task with great thought. Quickly, everything could go wrong….and we won’t even know what went wrong because we did the task so fast. Slowly, we could figure out what went wrong and how to do it better.

I like to think I am impulsive when I need to have the guts and gumption to do something (rather than letting fear get in the way). I like to think I slow down when I need to wisely consider how to proceed with a new move, new task, new material, or new information.

However, like any human being, I am created to be a masterpiece of free will and emotions. I choose how emotional I want to be and how much I let that drive my impulses or slow me down. So naturally, I get these things mixed up time to time. Such as slowing down when I should dive in. Or acting when I should just be taking a time-out.

This week in my tango life, I am working on slowing everything down. To fully concentrate on what I am learning in each moment and how to communicate it more clearly with kindness and compassion.

I’m also working on the ability to do whatever I can do on one side of the embrace, on the other side as well. Tricky, for sure, but figuring it out is fun and creative and it’s encouraging me to understand a move from all perspectives. As a leader trying on something that feels weird, as a follower working out a wacky communication. It all works out and the process is incredibly rewarding so far.

What are you working on this week? Maybe it includes one of the 5 points of connection? Self, partner, floor, music, community? Maybe there’s a relationship of polar opposites you are working on as well, similar to slowing down/speeding up? What life lesson has tango brought to your attention this week?

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