Stop for a Story

{Tasked with the responsibility of choreographing a tango performance, August writes a story inspired by a song that has two characters at odds with one another:

the rhythm and the lyrics.

How can they be separate entities but also create something enchanting together?}


Ryth approaches Lyra’s place, tucking his drum sticks in the inside pocket of his leather jacket, he knocks and Lyra opens the door already set to go out in her boots and denim and they set out on their walk to the bar downtown. Lyra loves the city; the gritty smells and endless mysteries of the goings on that happen there. She ponders the topic of a far off argument, and where did that cat come from? She doesn’t even notice Ryth is complementing her on how she did singing at their last gig. Ryth stops when he notices he’s gained a considerable lead on her because she has stopped to pet a stray cat. “Come on!” Ryth says. And she catches up.

“Did you hear me? I was paying you a compliment.”

“Sorry,” she says, looking up at the buildings.

They get to the bar, find their seats, and order a round. They laugh and talk about thier bandmates and sing along to the cheesy 80’s tunes playing on the jukebox.

After a couple rounds Ryth gets a call. The rest of the band are a few blocks away at another bar asking them to come join.

Ryth stands and tries to peal Lyra from the bar but she just ordered and pulls him back into his seat. After another two drinks Ryth tries again and starts leading her out into the street, both stumbling.

“Just one more!”

“The rest are waiting, let’s go.”

“But this place is so fun!”

“So is the other place! Let’s keep going”

“Let’s go this way–”

“That’s not the way, this is!”

They continue this way, stumbling and both arguing about directions until it’s a shouting match.

Until Ryth trips, and takes Lyra  down with him. They erupt into laughter and forget what they were just yelling at each other. Then the cat from earlier saunters up and they realize they’re outside Lyra’s apartment. They smile, slumped against the brick wall of the row home, and pet the cat. Lyra laughs again, smiles and says,

“I knew we were going the right way.”

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