Stop Stalking Princess Sparkle!



If you are like me, you are trying to be a good person, to find your path in this world, and to find happiness. You might be doing a good job – really working towards your goals, feeling pretty good about yourself. And you know you shouldn’t do it, but Facebook is open on your computer, so just for a second you click on someone’s profile. But, not just anyone’s profile. You check in with Princess Sparkle*.

Princess Sparkle is the representation of that person or people who seem to have the perfect life. A life that is detailed on social media. A life you can’t help but click on and read about. And then you feel like shit. Her (or his!) good times are fabulous and make your life seem completely mediocre. Her bad times are thinly veiled reminders that she is in a completely different league than you are. You love to hate (because she’s a bitch!) and hate to love (because you’re a little jealous) Princess Sparkle.

Admit it – you have a Princess Sparkle! You know you do. And all she does is destroy your happiness. You need to break your Princess Sparkle habit. And you need to feel better about yourself and forget about her, and here’s why:

  1. She’s not real! Okay, yeah, there is no real “Princess Sparkle” (I think), but what I’m saying is that the actual person/people that Princess Sparkle represents doesn’t exist either. It is just a public persona that has been created. No one is always successful, happy, beautiful, and magnificent. And anyone who comes close to that is probably just enjoying it and not rushing to tell everyone about it on social media. You are comparing your actual life to Princess Sparkle’s well-crafted, carefully-edited highlight reel. It’s not worth your time.
  1. She’s on her own journey. It may seem like her life is perfect, but we were all put on Earth with talent and a purpose. Yours are not the same as Princess Sparkle’s. You are not supposed to have what she has. You do not need to learn what she does. And you don’t need to know what her journey is about. So, while it might seem like she has a perfect life, she has her own shit that she is going through. Just because she isn’t posting it on Facebook doesn’t mean there aren’t some truly crappy things in her life.
  1. You have better things to do. The only thing stalking Princess Sparkle does is distract you from your own journey. It’s making you miserable, it’s making you catty, and it is definitely not helping you become the person you want to be. There is no good reason to just “check-in” – really, because you know you aren’t checking in to be happy for her good fortune. You want to find that hair out of place, that thing that might make her human (but, she’s not -see #1). And then what? You’ll say “See, she’s not so great after all!” Or you won’t find anything, and then you’ll be like “Why does she think she’s so great?” (and PS – she doesn’t. She wants attention, probably because she is – GASP – insecure, and you are giving it to her.). So, no good reason.

So, suck it up, make like it’s 2005 and life is free of social media, and focus on your own life. Let Princess Sparkle soak in the sun on her 19th vacation this year with her super-rich husband. Let everyone else feel sorry for her because she didn’t realize her manicure was going to cost $250 and now she’ll have to buy one less pair of shoes for the next vacation. Don’t weigh in on her losing her mind over which private school her step-kids should go to, how she’ll deal with her favorite barista leaving Starbucks, or how she can’t find the right nanny and housekeeper even though she doesn’t work. Get back to your own purpose, your own journey, and your own awesomeness. That is how you will find your happiness – and it will be true and real. And when you are truly happy, try not to rub it in anyone’s face.


*the name Princess Sparkle was inspired by a conversation with my friend “T” – I am disclosing this in case T reads this, so she knows that 1) I didn’t steal it (I was “inspired”), and 2) that she is not Princess Sparkle ha-ha.

**Being a complete hypocrite and stalking Princess Sparkle was done for informational purposes only, to provide the real-life examples in the last paragraph. Okay, I fell off the wagon, a little…

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