Super Spidey Senses, Songs, and Musical Essence

So something entirely WEIRD has been happening to me in tango.

I will be dancing to a song and feel amazing and euphoric and all things AWESOME. I feel like I can feel the music through more senses than simply through hearing it. I can envision colors, I can taste magnificent things, and I can smell wonderfully attractive aromas.

It’s kinda like all your senses upgraded to spidey-senses, ‘know what I mean?

When I ask the DJ what the song is, I make sure to remember to look it up when I get home. I’m obsessed with it as I keep repeating the title and the artist throughout the next tanda.

I’m at home.
Find song…..
Not on itunes, 7% chance it’s on youtube under the right title or artist (if it’s even in a language I can type), but probably on some obscure website I’ve never clicked on.

Finally play the song.

Weirdness fills in every pore of my body and my senses feel like they’ve been drinking a bit too much.

The song just sounds different. More plain.

It doesn’t feel transcendent or magical or miraculous anymore.

Is this what it’s like to do drugs? I feel aggravated.

It’s not the same song. Not in the way I experience it, at least. And this is when I realize that music sounds different to me every time I listen to it. Each time is a new experience. The music isn’t the same. It reminds me of indulging in tiramisu in Russel Square during a trip to London and then hoping to have that taste again when I buy pre-packaged tiramisu stateside from Giant. NOT THE SAME. Eating the Giant tiramisu while I unpack, where I keep setting down the paper plate and fork in a different spot, is immensely disappointing. It cannot compare to that sunny day, outside seating, complimentary wine, and cherished company.

I yell inside my head once again, IT’S not THE SAME! Music, tiramisu, people….I don’t know which I’m talking about anymore.

Sure, the music is the same in the technical sense….the same notes, same bars, same beat. But the way I feel it … is slightly different. It’s just that the super spidey awareness is muted…

Until I encounter the first few chords of the song once again while moving among strangers and friends, embracing and embraced with another beating heart. Then I return to a utopia.


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