Tango is kind of like therapy, isn’t it?

This is just my take on life but I think everyone should go to therapy/counseling. I think everyone should tango. I think everyone can benefit from tango/therapy and their overall emotional, physical, and spiritual health will improve. Ergo… everyone should do tango/therapy.

Mmm. But not everybody does feel that way about tango. Or therapy. Why is that?

I danced with a woman this week who was very intelligent, confident, and humorous. She was a strong woman and a hoot to have in class! When we came together as partners, a sudden air of frustration and panic and unease set in. It was difficult for her to switch from following to leading. She just didn’t like it and it was hard to wrap her mind around it. In that moment, I had 3 questions: What do I know about this moment? What can we do in this moment? And how can we both work together to feel comfortable and safe?

Yeah, I still don’t have all the answers but it’s a process. One that’s always in progress. That’s the tango. Kind of like therapy. Also a process. You don’t go to a session expecting to have all the answers after a single hour. One class of tango isn’t going to transform you into this amazing tango guru where every single one of your dances is going to be magical. It’s called a LEARNING process because it’s constantly moving ahead. It’s infinite. It’s always happening. Your brain is making new connections and sometimes it’s a work-out. You’re learning about yourself, your relationships with others, your expectations, and how to live life in a way that is healthy, fulfilling, and caring.

Tango is kind of like therapy, isn’t it? It’s not so scary and you’re in good company if you come 🙂

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