The Best of Times, The Worst of Times?

12 January 2014

New year. New yoga internship.

We just celebrated the turning of another unit of time. This particular notch on the calendar wheel hit with quite a force of momentum from the holiday season.   And here we are, launched into the first weeks of year 2014.

When I reflect on New Year’s festivities, my mind conjures images of all things bright and shiny and, you guessed it, new. Champagne glasses, silver tinsel, sequined dresses glittering under multi-colored lights; these are all popular images depicting the hope embedded in this holiday. In other years, this has been a time of new resolutions and renewed courage to get. it. done. Whatever “it” is, I have approached my past resolutions with brute initiative and a hopeful heart.

This year is different.

And to explain why I am experiencing the New Year in a new way, I am going to answer a series of questions that family members, friends and other yogis have asked me a lot recently.

Why yoga?

How did you get started?

Why have you continued?

Here’s the condensed answer:

Why? – During year 2013, I graduated college, moved out of my parent’s house, bought a new-to-me car, and started a new job. With all of that change whooshing past my face, I decided to find an activity that would be a steady fixture in my life, which would serve as a foothold during the windstorm.

How did I get started? – I settled on a workshop and weekly series geared to folks who, like me, were brand new to yoga. I made the 5-week commitment, signed the check and now consider it to be among the best risks I’ve ever taken.

Why have I continued? – In searching for a solid foothold, I found a dynamic and ever-changing practice that is more stable than I could have imagined. Each time I approach my mat is different and the same. It is that balance and that paradox that has me hooked.

And now, how did this make my journey into 2014 new this year? – I’ve begun to see the extreme benefit of allowing myself to fully experience my feelings. Practicing yoga has opened my heart to accept what I bring to a given situation. Sometimes, all this new-ness is terrifying. Sometimes it’s exhilarating. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. The difference this year is that I have given myself room for doubt and missteps and fear, both on and off the mat.

So, I’ve set out in 2014 to be honest with myself.

I’m at times nervous about being a new yoga intern at a studio where I don’t know everyone, where I might be called upon to demonstrate and fall out of the pose with all eyes watching. But, I can already tell that Sangha Space is the kind of place where this is OK. I’m inspired by the warmth and welcoming I’ve already received. The community here is genuine.

When 2014 is the WORST YEAR EVER and When 2014 is the BEST YEAR EVER,

You’ll find me on my mat.

Warm wishes for an authentic new year,


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