The Dear Tango Letters

Dear Tango,

When I want to run, you call me back. When I want to hide, you let me but not for very long. When I doubt, you ensure. When I am stricken with fear, you embrace me with reassurances.


This section of my love letter to tango is an ode to my tango family.

My tango family is a collection of people whose smiles, hugs, and positive presence truly ground me. A grace I often rely on since the pangs of self discovery regularly engulf my wits, leaving me in sea of irrational self criticisms. I know that if it wasn’t for the love and support of my tango family I would not be dancing or looking inward. I can think of no better way to continue this blog than to thank a few of these very important people.

To Mama Bunny,

Thank you for being the strength that sustains us all. Thank you for showing me that strength is not an impenetrable shell but an exposure of our delicate inner workings to the world. Yes some things will hurt, annoy, and exhaust but we will recover and continue to spread the seeds you gave us.

To Bell Bunny,

Thank you for taking on the role of sister and friend. I know we get into tiffs that I am usually the cause of but I want you to know that I am grateful for your patience with me. Remember that time I was crying my eyes out and you sat there with me, sliding chocolate under the door to help me feel better, thank you for that too. I hope to be more like you one day.

To Lapin Bunny,

Thank you for being the one who never fails to effortlessly lift my spirits. You may be the newest edition but you have already made a notable impact on us with both your talent and being.

To Nutmeg Bunny,

You have one of the gentlest spirits of anyone I’ve ever met. Thank you for filling me with a sense of calm without even knowing it.

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