The Embrace

Dreaded, beautiful, supportive:
The foundation for the art we create.
A globe of warmth, a springboard for freedom
diving into the unknown of

The embrace—
To share, trepidation; vulnerable desire.
To insist, tolerance; unwanted desires,
Unwanted hands seeking to feel love, security,
Learning with whom to hold
The embrace—
To know another person, a special knowing

The secret joy of feeling connected
I want our feelings to be mutual, whether wanted or unwanted
But even hope is asymmetrical in
The embrace—
Can I hold you?
Can it be pure, in our world stained with distance?
In this world that tints my canvas black,
Can we paint a prism?

Our toes could dip and sway, yours and mine
Even if your brush is dry.
Maybe we can plunge into the paint
You can pretend that it’s fun, I can pretend that it’s easy

To feel loved once more in
Our embrace.

This blog entry was motivated by the following work:

Amelia Rachel Hokule’a Borofsky’s “I, You, and ‘the Embrace’: Tango as Relationship Therapy”

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