The Inaugural Post

This week I really enjoyed talking to others in my class and at the
practicas! I feel like I’ve been here long enough to be confident in
recalling names of people I’ve met and therefore initiate a bit of
conversation. I’m really looking forward to the hop this weekend for
that reason as well. It feels wonderful to look forward to my time at
Sangha Space because I’m excited to see people like N, T, the
multiple L’s, R, K, and G!

When I first started learning tango, it was easy to get frustrated
very quickly when I wasn’t picking up things as fast as I usually did.
At Sangha Space, I have not felt frustrated in my learning at all. I
think it’s due to the community and how encouraging everyone is.
Everyone is eager to help you, learn from you, teach one another, and
just give those little encouraging words that keep you going. The ocho
cortado was difficult for me to learn at first but having a bit of
extra practice outside of class helped a lot. Also, having my ballet
and ballroom background has proved to be difficult as well. I know my
constant hints and reminders are to stop leaning back, to not
anticipate the next move, and R always says “there’s no space
for you there” when I try to step somewhere other than where the lead
is leading me! I can’t wait to see what I learn next week!

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