The Teacher Who Doesn’t Like Sharing

My goal as a teacher is to create an environment that allows all who enter to be vulnerable; empowering them to share their knowledge and experiences with others.

But when I’m the student, sometimes I don’t want to share…

Why don’t I want to share? And what can I learn from that? This is the biggest question. What can I, a teacher, learn about teaching by being a student?

Reason #1: I don’t like what I’ve created.

It’s not that I thought it was “bad” or that I wasn’t proud of it – I just didn’t enjoy creating it or would not enjoy sharing it at that moment.

Reason #2: I don’t KNOW how I feel –

I don’t feel it strong enough to be confident about it.

Perhaps I need more time, more experience, more knowledge, more perspective … I’m just not ready to share something yet.

Reason #3: What I’m feeling or thinking isn’t nice.

This mostly happens in meetings or group discussions when the facilitator, a colleague, or even a student of mine will ask for my thoughts or opinions.

When I’m teaching, my goal is to get students to share … when I’m learning, I don’t always want to share – for perfectly fine reasons! Recognizing this feeling of not wanting to share can be a students’ real experience, too…Choosing not to share can be just as vital to self-growth. What can I do as a teacher to allow students in this boat to still feel like part of the community? How can I, at the same time, empower students to share AND choose not to share? 

I don’t have the answer yet but this place of inquiry is a good start.

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