The Yay’s and Boo’s of Lingo’s Tango

I dance Argentine Tango (Yay)

It is not easy (Boo)

But the challenge is rewarding (Yay)

Some partners smell bad or say unpleasant things (Boo)

But exercising efforts to understand others can be worthwhile (Yay)

Because we’re all a little broken (Boo)

… It’s what makes us whole (Yay)

Communication can cause tension (Boo)

But also relief (Yay)

I cannot agree to fix, save, or correct an unwilling partner (Boo)

But I can listen with the best that my inner teacher allows and create something beautiful (Yay)

My ignorance has been aired and criticized in the community (Boo)

But it has also been a catalyst for refreshing change (Yay)

The group norm asserts a common language, which sometimes stifles comfort and creativity (Boo)

But seeking to understand others through a common language can be a springboard for learning (Yay)

I sometimes don’t know the answer to a student’s question (Boo)

But my body has provided me, and continues to provide me, with many answers (Yay)

I continue to have moments of shame and ignorance (Boo)

But I am still me, and I still teach and learn (Yay)

I often hunger for more exploration and experimentation than an evening of dancing can provide (Boo)

But I dance all that I can to feed my ravenous growth for excellence (Yay)

I sometimes face rejection—it can hurt a lot (Boo)

But I am honest to myself and celebrate my courageous efforts in moments of vulnerability (Yay)

Sometimes I am embarrassed, hurt, or sad for having my vulnerability trampled upon (Boo)

But I am mostly met with warmth and kindness (Yay)

Though I sometimes bear dances that are unpleasant (Boo)

I appreciate the learning experience that each person reveals to me (Yay)

Loving a community of so many different experiences—dance experience, life experience, identities— can stir bitter moments of miscommunications and tears (Boo)

But I know that I am seen and heard—that I am valuable and loved, always (Yay)

Inspired by Parker J. Palmer’s “The Courage to Teach” & Ann Randolph’s “Inappropriate In All the Right Ways” post-show activity

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