“There’s no “kinda-sorta-maybes” in tango.”


With a theatre and dance experience background, you’d think I have some stuff down pat already. I don’t.

One of the first rules of any dance or theatre performance is to make a committment. You  commit to the movement, the verb, or the emotion. For example, if the choreography demands you to skip across the stage, you don’t just do tiny skips from somewhere near the left side to somewhere near the right side of the stage. You skip with every muscle in your body and you cross that stage from the very specific point A to the very specific point B. Or if you are playing a character that is in a situation that demands them to feel a certain type of way, you don’t think, “Ok, well, I’ll play it sorta sad but sorta hopeful at the same time.” NO. You bring every ounce of a definite, strong emotion to that portrayal.

There’s no “kinda-sorta-maybes” in tango. Especially in ochos. Half hearted ochos can hurt somebody!  I am totally guilty of using tentative, “sorta”, movement.

Like that was sorta a boleo right there. Sorta. I didn’t commit to the movement. I’m still working on being a confident, driven leader, that has a strong frame.

Moral of the story is that we all have stuff to work on and the cool thing is that we have a community of tango dancers who are all trying to do the same thing. Let’s help one another out and work together.  That’s why we have two practicas right? 🙂 See you Thursday at 9pm or Sunday at 1:30pm!


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