“This is my body!”

“This is my body!”

There are times in my life when I have wanted to shout this, scream this, claim this, own this, love this, emphasize this. In anger, in protest, in declaration, in praise.

Tango has acted as a catalyst in reconnecting me with a body that I felt I was inhabiting like a foreigner. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and that was frightening.

Through tango, I have re-found that I am able to stand on my own. I am able to recognize that, each day, my body is new and different. Some days are strong and resilient, some days are weak and so deeply exhausted. Some days challenge me. Some days my body just loves what it can do that day…even if what it can do isn’t much. But most of all, this is my body and it’s AMAZING. It changes. These changes are beautiful. These changes are unique. My body isn’t anyone else’s to move, to change, to manipulate, or to take advantage of. It is my body to love, to treat with dignity, to absolutely hold dear.

If someone doesn’t recognize, acknowledge, respect, and love this….as my sassy and fresh Grandma would say, they are in for a real doozy!

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