Turn Your Brain Attic into a Mind Palace

Wish you had a better memory? With this ancient method you can remember anything and everything you wish forever.  

So the idea is, you create a place to go to when you close your eyes. It could be anything, a house, a library, or an island, and you put yourself there and you  put memories you want to remember there.

The Romans called it a “brain attic” but the name “mind palace” is more popular now because it just sounds cooler.

A good way to get started and to train in your mind palace, is to have a friend start you out with four numbers and a word (ex: 2894 Ocean) and write it down in your mind palace.

Then go back to your friend a few weeks later to confirm you have the same number and then get a new word and new numbers but a bit more this time, (ex: 758395 Kingston) and do it again.

After that you can save anything!

In my Mind Palace, I have notes from years ago, pictures that I took with my eyes, and even a grandfather clock that makes it more cozy.

But it won’t work if you don’t use it, it will just get dusty with cobwebs, the more often one uses and visits their mind palace the easier it is to remember .

So give it a shot and build your own palace!

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