Warmth and value – indulged
Humbling, how such a wonder speaks to the hunger in me
Walls embrace my gifts, worshiping me—satisfaction

It feels perfect.

Melting, now, to the edge,
Dripping in waste
Defeated, worn, thirsting to wash away the taste
I beg – Please.

I stare into the viscous pools.

What did I do? Where did I go wrong?  
Poured too thick
Reflected back are pockets of sickeningly sweet memories.

Searching, cycling through insignificance, yearning
Sometimes, a sweetness served warm—

—and we hum that happy, familiar song.

But sometimes, overpowering.

My appetite fades, though the desperation persists.

We separate.
Dulled softness, but persevering.

A return

Can we?

I remember how wonderful we felt, once upon a time. I slip into a warm nostalgia.
I hope maybe this time. Maybe it changed.
Or maybe I changed.
Maybe we can make this work.


My lips are rusted shut from disuse.
It has never been so difficult to muster the necessary choice.
But I manage

To tell my waffles firmly,


Inspired by Benjamin Lorr’s “Hell-bent.”

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