“We need to be able to GO.” Making mistakes is part of the learning process.

“We need to be able to GO. No tiny question marks with each movement. How ‘bout we TRY?”–Lori

It’s funny that sometimes our fears and insecurities and general uncertainties that we have paralyze us from moving forward. My first time leading at Sangha Space was filled with each of these. I was open to the experience and I certainly wasn’t going to refuse to try it, but I was terrified. Mostly of not getting it right the first time. Which, you and I both know, is the silliest fear ever.

I got a new car this week. My last car happened to be my first car, appropriately named Maximus. It was old, it was falling apart, the AC didn’t work, the windows no longer went down, and it was petal to the metal to get it to go or stop. But it was a fighter and it refused to die so it had personality! My new car is Eloise….everything works. She’s stealthy and sleek and a true vixen. This car….it GOES. I mean, it really moves. It takes space with confidence. I give her a little love tap and she is going. No tiny question marks. No hesitations. No second guesses.

I’m learning from Eloise that I need to move like her when I’m leading. None of this wimpy “hey, maybe if you find it in your heart to just move where I’d like you to go…I mean, if it’s no inconvenience to you?” kind of movement. I want “I’m GOING HERE and I expect that you’re going to want to move out of the way.”

What’s in your way of moving forward? Scared of getting it wrong? Insecure about how you look? Worried about what someone will think? Getting it wrong will not send you to hell. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. You’ll be ok! You’re safe and you look marvelous. Plus, you’re in good company. Embrace it J

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