We, the Dancers of Sangha Space, have a few things in mind…

Our main goal in teaching isn’t to create performers; it’s to create a dance floor full of dancers that dance well and respect others on the floor. I’ve come up with a few points to remember and help us along the way:

1. Dancing smaller not only helps create space on the dance floor, but helps us be more creative with the space we have.

2. Play it safe when close to other dancers, that big boleo can wait until you have some more room.

3. Heels hurt!! So no gratuitous boleos and never when they aren’t clearly being led.

4. If there’s space in front of you, take it! Keep the dance floor moving, and no one will be tempted to pass you.

5. Stay in the line of dance. Don’t pass or go backwards, this is for everyone’s safety.

6. No teaching on the dance floor! This is why we have practica, so the floor doesn’t get bogged up behind you trying to get that ocho cortado to happen. If your leader is trying to teach you, politely ask them to show you later.

7. Escort your partner off the dance floor when you are finished dancing. No one likes being abandoned and you want your partner to feel good after the dance so maybe you’ll dance together again.

8. If your partner is breaking the rules and bumping into people, speak up! Maybe they don’t know and you need to feel safe.

9. Say thank you. Heels aren’t the only thing that can hurt and we want our friends to feel good afterwards so be nice! This is also how you can escape a particulary unpleasant dance partner without hurting their feelings.

10.  Don’t be a jerk. We want everyone who comes to feel good and have a nice time so be respectful out on the dance floor. Be kind and pass it on!

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