What I know, at this point in my tango life, is …

You know how learning, working, dancing for an extended period of time straight can be intense? For the sake of adding to it, let’s say you take a weekend tango retreat to learn, practice, discuss, and dance to a place that has no cell phone or internet service…..

Intense? How about devoted?

I’m sure we have each had our own versions of experiences like this. Spending just a few days with the same people, all coming together for the same thing creates a magical-like bond. Being self-conscious about your appearance dwindles, sharing (emotionally, verbally, literally, etc) increases, positive feelings swell. Those who you instantly like, you are drawn to spend more time with…to get to know them better. On the other hand, those that annoy you right off the bat can intensify in the small space and time you are all there together. Someone do a study on this….fascinating how this happens in social settings!

One thing in particular that an experience like this not just offers but guarantees, is that you forget about the world outside this small gathering. Time is skewed, stress about things back home are not in the forefront of your mind like they usually are, and a better day seems to be introducing itself.

It’s funny how we are so often the barrier between allowing a good day to happen. And then, when this positive start begins, we discover that we all got together in this one place…..at this one time…..to learn something. We are all craving, desiring, wanting the same thing. Each of us wants to be here. We are passionate about what we are doing. We love what we bring. We are eager to hear from others, thirsty to receive knowledge from others.

What I know, at this point in my tango life, is that there is a bond that happens when you discover another person has the same motivations, dreams, and desires as you do.

As we start class this week, take a moment to think about what you are here for. Many of us are here to learn….and it’s kinda, sorta, REALLY helpful to talk to one another. It’s amazing how much communication amplifies learning! Share what you know. Ask about what you want to know more about. Someone is bound to be in your same boat.

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