What is a YoGo Tango Internship like? This is Jackie’s Perspective:

A few months ago, I enthusiastically started my Yoga internship at Sangha Space. I remember when I received the “welcome email” (and bajillion other excited emails from all the other interns) I was so happy I was jumping around after my break at work. I knew this would be a fantastic step in deepening my yoga practice.

What I did not know was how much this internship would become. 

After becoming part of this community for several months, not only has my yoga practice improved, I also started making connections with other people. I then got offered to take the beginner’s Tango series. It is an eight-week course in which we learned etiquette, fundamentals, and good technique of Argentine Tango. All be it nerve wracking for someone like me, a person not familiar with dancing and who has a difficult time performing one-on-one, it helped me forge deeper connections with not only the other interns but the many spectacular dancers in the space.

Many of the people who come for yoga also come to Sangha for dance. The same people who I had done yoga alongside of, separately, I now feel like I am doing yoga with. It feels less like a self-practice and more of a community practice. I have also noticed principals of tango influencing my yoga practice and vice versa. So far, I have seen much overlap in tango posture helping to strengthen my yoga posture. The strength it takes to be stable through length and core. Not only that, but in tango to get where you need to, it is not just moving and letting momentum take you, it is about moving fluidly but with control and precision. The means of that is a connection with the floor, utilizing a technique where you press your feet into the floor, which takes strength that stems all the way up your legs from your posture. In yoga, to take pressure off of your joints and deepen your pose, you want to press into the floor with the full surface of the body part that is your base connection with the ground.

This cross over in technique has helped my body find more what it needs to get a full realization of yoga postures and slowly getting my dancing to par. I look forward to discovering just how much they can influence each other.  

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