What I’ve Learned as a Newbie Yogi


I am 2 months into my yoga internship and feeling blessed to be having this amazing experience! Opportunities to connect with the community are always available and already I’ve participated in a Grow Yoga Intensive course, yoga classes and a workshop provided by Transformation Yoga Project. I am meeting great people and learning about yogi life. Here are the principals I’ve found to be core as a newbie:

  1. Yoga is a lifestyle. Mindfulness, breathing, mind and body connections are all components of yoga. When we begin to understand how they work, they can be applied to all of our activities of daily living. For example, breathing to reduce stress experienced during the morning commute when you forget your coffee… and being mindful that although it feels so, it is not the worst day ever.
  2. Yoga classes are not one size fits all. There are a variety of styles out there and what works for some may not work for all. There are yogis who enjoy sweating it out in a room that’s 105 degrees, while others are happy to do vinyasa flow at their own pace. Whether it be an aerial class or a hatha, no practice is deemed superior than the other. The important thing is deciding on what works for you and your inner yogi.
  3. Yogis come in all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. You do not need to be an amazing athlete to begin your yoga practice. However, you should be present, open minded and listen to your body! Your experiences should not be a source pain or discomfort. If you are unable to do a pose or hold a posture, don’t sweat it! You can wait it out in downward dog or child’s pose.

Sangha interns work together as a team to make everyone feel celebrated and welcome in our community space. In return we receive the gift of wisdom and experience from our knowledgeable mentor yoga staff. I know that this is just the beginning for me and look forward to continuing to grow in my practice.

Have you have ever wondered what your inner yogi looks like? If so, maybe it is time you found out! Come join us, we look forward to having you.


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