Whimsically Generous



I saw a solo salsa performance this week.

Can someone tell me, are these a thing? There was something missing.

‘Scuse me for being a little blunt, …..a partner was missing.

The movements were fluid and neat and I had to be impressed by the human body and what it can do. But there was no meaning to the movements. There was no deeper connection to something. What this person brought to the dance, the floor, the music existed only in one place.

In their body.

On that stage.

It did not amplify another’s gifts. It did not share something of its own with someone else. It didn’t serve up much. It didn’t show a management of anything other than the control of one body. It did not title the movement as anything other than a physical feat. The audience was not changed in some way after watching it.

If we dance to feel something, we dance to share something. I think we dance to share who we are and build up who someone else is. We dance to celebrate our uniqueness AND togetherness.

If we neglect to use our own set of gifts, if we neglect to refine all of our skills, we become dependent on or completely independent from our partners. The dance doesn’t share something. The community doesn’t share something.

What are you good at? In tango, what is YOU that is brought when you come in? Do you make people feel like they know what they’re doing? Do you have the ability to make people laugh? Do you have a knack for making people feel comfy and at ease? Can you bring warmth into hearts with a simple loaf of vegan banana bread?

What about you is special, unique? Why would you like dancing with you? What do you bring to the dance? What do you like about yourself that you think is worth sharing and having others recognize?

As a community, we make a whole. The varieties that we are make something truly big in an even more special way that can’t be cloned elsewhere.

So be whimsically generous with the different gifts you have. Use what you’ve got to make a dance awesome, to bring out the best in somebody, and to look after one another.

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