Wonderings about the Space

This week, somebody wondered aloud to me about the history of our beloved studio. What happened here before? Who passed through here before? What kind of sounds did this studio make before?

As I left this conversation to dance once more, I couldn’t help but find myself wondering the same thing. The various volumes of shoes brushing across the floor, the creaky spot near the piano, the cacophony of laughs bouncing up and around the high ceiling, the murmur of conversation by the food table, the gentle hum of the wind as you pass by the old and not quite fully air-tight windows….

So many sounds. So many feet. So many lives.

If history could play out in front of us, I wonder what we would discover. I wonder what would remain a mystery. Here we are, a community of moving feet across a very worn floor….as time shifts and as we look up from the feet, I wonder what kinds of people would be in front of us.

The floor once had no nicks or signs of deteriorating. The walls were once freshly painted. The style and fashion of the room’s guests suggested a different way of carrying on life. How long ago could this have been? What about before that? What about when the space was empty?

Somebody really ought to use this magnificent idea and create an award-winning movie.

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