Yoga, Kids and Me!

I would describe myself as a passionate person, not so much the “fiery, hot-blooded” passionate, but an “enthusiastic, adoring, loving” passionate individual. I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about everything, but my family, traveling, helping children, and yoga I am fanatical about. When I am able to unite these passions, say for example, traveling with family and doing yoga, my world seems to be in utter bliss. Last week, I was able to merge yoga with helping children, and the experience was absolutely wonderful!

I have always been confident that I choose the best career for me. I love helping children, and am very happy with my job; I actually enjoy going to work. However, the last year or so, I felt myself wanting more. I wasn’t sure if it was on a college level, or a different location, but I have felt like there is something more out there for me. Also, during this time, I have been more and more committed to my yoga practice. It was two years ago, on vacation actually, that I first thought about becoming a yoga teacher. I was taking a yoga class in Jamaica, and thought ‘what a great gig this would be, go away for free, and teach yoga during my summers off, how fun!”. I was mostly motivated by the idea that I could travel to resorts for free but as time went on, and with the encouragement of my husband and family, the thought about becoming a yoga teacher became more of a probability. Then I was given the wonderful opportunity to become a yoga intern at Sangha Space, which I was thrilled about. I was often asked “are you going to be a yoga teacher” and I typically responded with “I don’t know, maybe”. Though, I knew I wasn’t passionate about my answer. I love being a student, and being lead by a great teacher, so I wasn’t sure if I would want to be the teacher.

A few months ago I saw an advertisement for Childlight Yoga and trainings in the area. After looking on their website, I saw that there was a “Yoga 4 Classrooms” workshop coming to our area. That’s when it hit me-this is what I would love to do! Bring yoga into my school settings and have children enjoy all its awesome benefits. I was so excited about this prospect, without hesitating, I emailed my supervisor (on a Sunday morning) asking if she would approve it and was elated she said yes.

Last week, I attended the fun and inspiring workshop and left with not only tools to empower the students but to empower educators as well. My work week was invigorating as I shared as much as I could with students and educators on how to bring Yoga into the Classrooms.

I feel so passionate about this union of yoga with students that I feel, for the first time, this is my purpose, my dharma. I feel enlightened. To be around children, which I love, teaching them something that I know will benefit them in so many ways, is an intention that I want to fulfill. I want to teach yoga to children and adolescents and give them tools to make their life calmer in this chaotic world.   We all can use calm, especially our children, our future.

“Yoga is the unifying art of transforming dharma into action, be it through inspired thought, properly nurturing our children, a painting, a kindness or an act of peace that forever moves humanity forward. “ ~ Micheline Berry


  • Erin

    • May 28, 2014

    I really clicked with this post and your passion. I am a school nurse in the area and a certified Childlight yoga instructor. I would love to talk to you. I have been contemplating both Yoga for the classroom and interning, and I would appreciate any input.

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