You’re Not Creative & We Know Why

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Given a bag of blocks, what would you build? Go grab some block like structures, and start creating. What’s your story behind the structure?

I’m guessing the tower that you built is perfectly aligned and maybe even color coordinated. You may have started off hesitant, not really sure what to do. And forget the need of a story; they are just building blocks after all!

Where did all of our imagination go? Why must everything be orderly?

I spend time with a variety of kids at my internship usually playing with blocks or coloring pages. One girl who visited the center took blank pieces of paper and created four different worlds, all uniquely individualistic with stories or positive aspects to go along with each imaginative drawing. With the building blocks, I often feel as though I get left behind in their created worlds, not able to think of the talking alligator who saves the queen and safely returns her to inside the formed castle or of the next rule in the newly created building block board game. Still, these kids don’t seem to mind that I haven’t got the next part in the story and they invite me into their worlds, an invitation we adults should not resist.

As we grow older our creativity  s l o w l y  diminishes. Society pressures us to act desirably and think uniformly. Boxes are created and labels are forced onto people without fully understanding what these boundaries imply, good or bad. From society we learn to apply these small boxes to ourselves which further squashes creative and inspired thoughts and actions. Our movements become so calculated, our emotions so lifeless.

Without being aware or expanding these boxes, life becomes monotonous because we know what to expect. So color in that realistic horse purple and the oak tree blue, maybe even dare to color outside the lines. Revel in your unrealistic creations.

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